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“Thank you for visiting our site. Our Team Members and I owe a large debt ogratitude to our Patients and referring Dentists, without which we would be unable to continue our journey within the Dental Profession.”

                             - Dr. Robert Devoll -

As a Certified Periodontist, Dr. Robert Devoll is a Dentist with over 20+ years of surgical and non-surgical dental experience and training. We provide a full range of dental services including dental cleanings & checkups, the treatment of gum diseases, the removal of teeth and the replacement of teeth with dental implants.

Our experienced Team takes great pride in keeping our patients' smiles healthy and beautiful. Dr. Devoll has specialized training in I.V. sedation as well as local anesthetics. We do everything we can to make every visit as comfortable as possible and speed our patients' transition back to good health. Whether a patient wants to keep their teeth for life, or replace one or more missing teeth, we have a range of specialized solutions to meet each individuals needs.  As part of our Team, we have two highly trained Dental Hygienists that provide dental cleanings and preventive care. 

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact our office today at 281-338-1760.

Coming soon – Keeping your teeth for life, which will focus on the 5 causes of tooth loss and what a person can do to help make their teeth last a lifetime.

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