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Insurance question -from Nicole O.

i read your insurance paragraph…. i’m wondering how you handle tricare/united concordia. thank you   Dr. Devoll’s Respons We file claims for paitents that have tricare and united concordia dental insurance. Those insurance companies typically reimburse the patient directly.   If you call our office and give us your insurance information, we will contact your insurance company […]

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Gum graft donor question asked by Shelli V.

My 12 yo daughter needs a gum graft. What Method is best- harvesting or using donor tissue?   Dr. Devoll’s Respons: The best method is to harvest from the roof of the mouth and use that tissue to build up the gums. The root cause of gum recession is the absence of attached gingiva and […]

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Question from Joan – Why are my gums receding

My gums are receding around some of my teeth. My roots are now showing. Is this normal? Am I brushing too hard? Is there anything that can be done about it? Dr. Devoll’s Response Joan, I am sorry you are having that problem. Unfortunately a lot of people experience receding gums. Sometimes it only affects […]

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Question from Sally

My teeth are in very bad shape. Several dentists have told me that my teeth must be taken out and replaced with dentures. I don’t want dentures that come out. Is there any way to get teeth that don’t come in and out? Dr. Devoll’s Response Sally, it sounds like you will need to consider […]

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