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Is there a better way than Bridge? – From John B

Is there a better way than Bridge? – From John B

My teeth 24 & 25 were found to have something attacking the bottom of the roots. My dentist recommends extraction & a bridge from tooth 22 to 27. Is there a better way?

Response from Dr. Devoll

John I am sorry you are having this problem. If I understand correctly there is a serious problem with your 2 front teeth in your bottom jaw (the 2 teeth in the middle). It sounds like they will need to be extracted and you would like to know if there is an option better than a dental bridge to replace those 2 teeth.

In the situation you describe, we often times will extract the 2 teeth and place 1 dental implant. The space left by those particular teeth is usually so small that 1 implant is more than adequate to carry the load of both teeth.

I typically do not recommend dental bridges because they are destructive for the teeth to which they attach.  There is a very short video that you can watch that compares dental implants with dental bridges.  You can find the video at:


Another option would be a removable partial denture. Most people find that removable partial dentures are uncomfortable and not easy to chew with. We would be happy to see you in person and give you a more definitive answer based on your particular situation. Please give us a call and we will get you scheduled for an evaluation. Of # 281-338-1760.

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