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My bottom denture is driving me crazy!!! from Mary

My bottom denture is driving me crazy!!! from Mary

My bottom denture is driving me crazy. It has never fit right. When I talk or eat it moves around a lot. I tried the glue but it doesn’t really help that much and it tastes terrible.  My top denture fits good if I use a some glue to hold it in.    My friend has dentures and likes hers.   I saw her dentist to see if he could make me a bottom denture that fit as good as hers.  He looked in my mouth and said my bottom jaw bone has shrunk so much that he could not make me a denture that would work any better. He did mention implants but said I probably didn’t have enough bone to set the implants in. Is there anything besides implants that can be done to help me with my lower denture?

Dr. Devoll’s Reply:

Mary I am sorry you are having so much trouble with your bottom denture. Most people with a lower denture have the same problem you are having.  Dental implants are the only way that I know of to stabilize a lower denture, besides adhesives.  When new patients visit us with this type of problem we take an in house CT-Scan so we can see the amount of bone available for dental implants. With that information we can then present you with all your options based on your particular jaw anatomy.  Typically it only takes 2 dental implants in the lower jaw to stabilize a lower denture. The vast majority of people have enough bone in the chin area of the bottom jaw to accommodate 2 dental implants.  I have seen numerous patients that were told they didn’t have enough bone for dental implants based on a CT-Scan when in fact they did. A lot depends on the surgeon’s skills and experience. My best advice is that you get an opinion from an experienced specialist such as a Periodontists/Oral Surgeon (with a CT-Scanner).

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