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My boyfriend needs implants – from Suzi G.

My boyfriend needs implants – from Suzi G.

my boyfriend has really bad teeth, many are missing and he has Bad gaps between the few teeth he has. He needs full mouth implants and i want to get this for him but im trying to see what process are for such a procedure if you can give me an average quote before i bring him. Thanks!

Dr. Devoll’s Respons:

Suzy I am sorry your boyfriend is having problems with his teeth. Removing his teeth, placing implants and giving him a great smile is not a problem. It is very difficult for me to give a quote without knowing more about his particular situation. I would need to know how many teeth need to be removed, does he want teeth in one day (all on 4), does he have enough bone for dental implants, will he need bone grafts……… the list is long. During his first appointment I will take a CT-scan of his jaw bones and put together his options based on his particular situation. We will look at example models of his options and discuss the pros and cons of each option.

The cost depends on all of the above and also the type of tooth replacement option he would like. For example, he may want a removable denture that he can take out when he would like to clean it, but is stabilized with dental implants while it is in the mouth.  Alternatively, he may want teeth that are permanently attached to implants that don’t come out at all.   It is really hard for me to give you dollar amounts until I have had an opportunity to evaluate his situation and know how he would like to replace his teeth.   I would be very happy to see him if you wold like to bring him in for an evaluation.

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