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Question from Joan – Why are my gums receding

Question from Joan – Why are my gums receding

My gums are receding around some of my teeth. My roots are now showing. Is this normal? Am I brushing too hard? Is there anything that can be done about it?

Dr. Devoll’s Response

Joan, I am sorry you are having that problem. Unfortunately a lot of people experience receding gums. Sometimes it only affects one tooth in the mouth, sometimes several teeth. Gum recession is a very serious problem and if not treated will lead to tooth loss. Gum recession is usually not caused by tooth brushing. It is usually caused by an underlying deficiency in the thickness of the gum tissue around the affected teeth. Basically you inherited the tendency to have thin gums. If the gums are thin they are likely to recede. If the gums are thick and healthy, they typically do not recede.  Gauging gum thickness and treating gum recession are things we specialize in.

The treatment for your gum recession will likely involve some type of gum grafting. We can talk more about that after we evaluate your particular situation. Placing a filling on the root of the tooth will not prevent the continuation and worsening of the gum recession.

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