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We provide a broad range of interconnected dental services that revolve around Dental Health, Oral Health and Head/Neck issues. If a person is having difficulties with their mouth, jaw, head or neck, there is a good possibility that we treat their problem. If not, we will likely know where to refer the patient for the appropriate treatment.

Gum Conditions

Gum (or periodontal) disease is a chronic infection that begins in the space between your tooth and gum.


During this remarkable procedure, all remaining teeth are removed and replaced with permanently attached teeth, in many cases all in ONE visit.

Migraines and Headaches

Most people have no idea that Dentists, with the appropriate training, can treat a range of myofascial pains in the head and neck area, including jaw pain, headaches, neck aches and migraines.

Health and Oral Diseases

Research has shown that the bacteria and inflammation caused by abscessed teeth and gum disease (also called periodontal disease) is associated with several serious diseases.

Dental Implants

If you are missing teeth, dental implants provide a natural and permanent way to restore your smile.


We Treat These Common Conditions

Gum Diseases
Bone Loss
Gum Recession (not enough gums)
Exposed Roots
Gummy Smile (too much gums)
Short Teeth
Bad Breath
Loose Teeth
Bleeding Gums
Sore Gums
Missing Teeth
Swollen Lip
Swollen Jaw
Mouth Sores
Mouth Ulcers
Lip Outbreaks
Fever Blisters
Loose Dentures
Loose Partials
Bite Problems
Chewing Problems
Difficulty with Jaw Opening

Lock Jaw
Mouth Infections
Wisdom Teeth
Dental Abscesses
Cracked Teeth
Dental Decay
Dental Pain
Tooth Pain
TMJ Problems
Jaw Pain
Sore Jaws
Myfascial Pain
Facial Wrinkles
Lip Lesions
Lesions in the Mouth
Nighttime Tooth Grinding
Neck Pain
Shoulder Pain

We Provide These Common Services

Gum Diseases Treatment
Deep Cleaning with or without I.V. Sedation
Gum Surgery – Bone Regeneration – Pocket Reduction – Bone Grafting
Non-Surgical Management of Gum Disease
Laser Gum Pocket Reduction/Gum Laser Surgery
Periodontal Maintenance (Dental Cleanings)
Dental Implants
Tooth Replacement – Single Teeth
Tooth Replacement – Multiple Teeth
Tooth Replacement – Whole Mouth
Preventive Dental Care
Removal of Wisdom Teeth

Dental Extractions
Sinus Lift – Sinus Graft
Correction of Gummy Smile\Cosmetic Crown Lengthening
Treatment of Gum Overgrowth
Gum Grafting – Gum Reconstruction
Bone/Jaw Reconstruction
TMJ Treatment
Botox for Wrinkles
Botox for Jaw Muscle Pain
Nightguard Appliance
Jaw Pain Treatment
Migraines Treatment (Botox)
Head & Neck Pain Treatment
Removal of Lip Lesions (Laser)
Oral Lesion Biopsy
Bruxism Treatment
I.V. Conscious Sedation