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All-On-4 Permanent Implant Teeth

Just imagine, a beautiful SMILE created just for YOU. Sounds like a DREAM come true, but it is reality. This procedure has been successfully performed for thousands of people over the past 10 years. During this remarkable procedure, all remaining teeth are removed and replaced with permanently attached teeth, in many cases all in ONE visit. The same process is also used to replace teeth for a person that has already lost their natural teeth. This procedure is called “All-On-4” because it only requires the placement of 4 dental implants to hold the new teeth in place.


Facts About All-On-4

  • Only four dental implants are needed in each jaw
  • Dental implants and non-removable teeth are gently placed in one visit
  • New Teeth are firmly fixed in place like natural teeth
  • New teeth can be used to chew immediately
  • Can replace the upper and/or lower arch of teeth in one visit
  • Suitable for patients with bone loss
  • Bone grafts are not usually needed
  • Minimal discomfort and short recovery time
  • Light sedation is used for utmost comfort
  • Ideal for patients with dentures
  • Excellent for patients with hopeless teeth that need to be removed
  • Teeth can be removed and implants and new teeth placed in one visit
  • Dental implants and new teeth can make the face appear younger
  • Implants, like natural teeth, stimulate the jawbone and at the same time slows down the deterioration of the jawbones that occurs after tooth loss
  • All-On-4 is also called “Teeth-In-One-Visit” and “Teeth-In-One-Day”

If you have been told that you don’t have enough bone for dental implants, we HIGHLY recommend you get a second opinion today.

Step-By-Step Process

Whether a patient is having All-On-4, Teeth-in-One-Visit, or Teeth-in-One-Day, the basic steps are the same.  The first set of teeth that are attached to the implants are high quality temporary bridges. The temporaries are attached to the implants during the same visit that the dental implants are placed (hence the name Teeth-in-One-Visit).  The temporaries can be used to chew medium firmness foods such as pasta, softer meats and cooked vegetables (nothing crunchy or hard).   Three months after the implants and temporaries have been placed, work can begin on making the final set of permanent teeth.  Like the temporaries, the final set of teeth are firmly attached to the implants.  Although the implants and first set of temporary teeth are placed in one visit, several visits are needed to make the permanent set of teeth.

All-On-4 Steps


Appointment 1: CT- Scan, Evaluation and Consultation

Appointment 2: Molds made that are needed to make the temporary Bridge

Appointment 3: Procedure to remove teeth that need to come out (if teeth are to be extracted), placement of 4 dental implants and fitting of the attached temporary Bridge

Appointment 4: Follow-up visit 2 weeks after implant placement

Appointment 5: Follow-up visit 12 weeks after implants placement

Appointment 6: Impressions for a permanent Bridge

Appointment 7: Delivery of final set of permanent teeth


Cost and Payment Options

Treatment fees are determined on a case by case basis following the initial evaluation. Costs can vary depending upon a number of factors. Following your initial evaluation for All-On-4 we will be able to determine your exaxct cost.  You will also be given other tooth replacement options along with the cost of each option.

We provide patients with several payment options designed to fit the needs of most budgets (credit approval required). Credit approval and all personal financial information is processed by a third party lender specializing in health care financing. You can apply for pre-approval online today by visiting CareCredit.

For more information and to schedule your evaluation, please call our office today 281-338-1760.

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