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Migraines and Headaches

Headaches / Neck & Shoulder Aches | Jaw Pain

clear-lake-periodontics-robert-devollMost people have no idea that Dentists, with the appropriate training, can treat a range of MYOFASCIAL pains in the head and neck area, including jaw pain, headaches, neck aches and migraines.

Despite numerous FDA approved forms of treatment, finding effective long-term relief from these chronic problems can be challenging. One of the most effective remedies involves the identification and treatment of “trigger points” within the muscles of the face, head, neck and jaw. Trigger points are a proven source of pain in a large percentage of patients suffering from migraines and pain in the head & neck area. It is estimated that 90% of migraines and other head & neck pains originate from one or more trigger points located in the head and neck area.

Trigger points are irritated knots of damaged muscle tissue that cause continuous muscle tension and pain. Often times nerves are trapped within a trigger point (nerve entrapment) causing amplification and referral of the pain to other regions of the head & neck area.  Trigger points can be identified by placing pressure on the involved muscles. When pressure is applied, pain may be felt in the underlying muscle and in some cases the pain may radiate to other areas of the face or head. Once identified, these trigger points can be numbed and treated with long acting muscle relaxing agents such as Botox. This is called a “trigger point injection”.  Although trigger point injections are relatively easy on the patient, I.V. sedation is available upon request.  When trigger points are left untreated, the muscle will stay tense and sore and the person will eventually develop a condition known as MYOFASCIAL PAIN SYNDROME.

In myofascial pain syndrome, the myo (muscle) and the fascia (tissue holding the muscle together), become so damaged that they hurt practically all the time. Trigger point injections are the treatment of choice for myofascial pain syndrome and fibromyalgia. Trigger point injections allow the muscle to relax for an extended time which allows the damaged tissues to heal.

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